We’re just like you. We like pizza, fun, and long walks on the beach. And we have our own podcast. What’re the new movies worth watching? Who’s dominating the playoffs? Who’s winning the internet? A Florida man did what with a golf club?! Be a part of the conversation with us. Catch us on iTunes!


Jeff Reed started Generally Trivial in the fall of 2014. An avid podcast listener, basketball enthusiast, and disc golfer. He’s basically the best Stratego player of all time. If you ever meet him you should ask him about a dog playing the banjo and why mayonnaise is the worst. Follow him on twitter @JeffReedisme





Shawn Sanquenetti is the kind of friend you’d like to have, even if you just don’t know it yet. Humorous and loyal to a fault. His favorite food is all. His hobbies include creating awesome D & D characters and being awesome. Follow him on twitter @SSanquenetti


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Jordan Adams is the kind of guy that doesn’t know a stranger. And those would be strangers will be laughing within minutes of meeting him. Jordan is a skilled pilot and is known for excelling at going off on a tangent in conversation.





Ryan Medsker is sneaky funny, often catching people off guard with his sense of humor. Ryan enjoys both listening to and performing good music. He’s an excellent guitar player and vocalist. Follow him on Twitter at @rmeds71





Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to send us an email at GenerallyTrivial@gmail.com. We might get you on the show! We’re on Facebook! Leave us a voicemail at 415-POD-LINE.


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