By Jeff Reed –

Disney is taking this ‘To infinity and beyond’ thing a little too seriously. After finishing up the third film with a pretty tidy finish in 2010’s Toy Story 3, most fans were pretty content leaving things at that. Andy had grown too old to play with his toys any longer and had gifted them to a new child. Pixar films are known for packing a punch and this was no different. Between well written dialogue and the Bruno Coon composed score, the movie tugged at heartstrings. It was one of the rare times that a sequel both satisfied previous storylines and didn’t leave it left open for more to come.

But more is coming. June 2017 is the expected release window for the fourth installment. We’ll have to see if director John Lasseter can bring an experience compelling enough to warrant altering what was a near perfect ending in film. If not, we’re faced with pretending the film doesn’t exist. I’m still waiting on a third Matrix film..


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