Round 2

The first patch of games went pretty close to how I picked them to go but that doesn’t mean they were without intrigue. The Cowboys took around half of the game before they started to look like the better team. But they definitely looked that way. Even when they were down to start the second half, I felt pretty confident in my pick. Romo has been excellent this year and even with that sometimes porous D, this team has a chance to be something special. Of course, what everyone wants to remember from this game is the rescinded call that would’ve gone against Dallas on that pass play. The flag was initially thrown but then picked up. Jerry Jones clearly made a phone call to Goodell to change the refs decision. Or someone at a Buffalo Wild Wings hit a button somewhere. Definitely one of the two. Honestly though, I think focusing on that call is kind of bogus. No one can say for certain that the Lions would’ve scored there. And there were other chances to make game changing plays.

The Picks

The first game of the second round highlights the pick I missed from last week. I didn’t trust the Ravens. And I don’t now. There is a lot of talk about how Flacco is the third quarterback to beat Belichick’s Patriots twice in the playoffs a group including only the Manning brothers. Both Ravens wins were in Foxboro, which is impressive but doesn’t move me towards picking Baltimore in this game. The Patriots started the year looking rough. Brady called out the offense. Patriot haters were excited. But, as they often do, New England gathered itself and not only turned it around but looked incredibly impressive. As a fan, I kinda hate this team. But I have to respect them. I’m taking the Patriots over the Ravens in a big win.

Saturday’s late game between the Panthers and Seahawks is the game I think will be the most decisive. I think it’s possible it’ll end up being one of those games whose score doesn’t really reflect the outcome, but I believe strongly that last year’s Super Bowl winner will flex its muscle Saturday night. I’m going to say they’ll be celebrating in Seattle and take the Seahawks over the Panthers.

The match up in Green Bay is the one that I’ve struggled with the most. Green Bay has an array of advantages. They’re playing at home. They have the better quarterback. The have the better defense. I don’t think any of these things are huge wins though. Romo is not a massive downgrade and is nearly as skilled at creating plays out of the pocket as his opposing signal caller. Playing games in Lambeau has been tough for warm weather teams. Especially during the Farve era. But Dallas’ running game may be able to negate some of those disadvantages. I may be a bit crazy and love the storyline a little too much, but I’ve finally settled on taking the Cowboys over the Packers.

For the right to play the (probable) Patriots in the AFC title game, the old king of Indianapolis will host the new Indy franchise QB. Both teams have had a bit of a roller coaster season, going from times of looking like a top tier team and having games that made them look like a bad pick. These two teams faced each other in week one in a game that the Broncos dominated for most of the game until a late comeback by Indy. The NFL has to feel good about either team moving on to go into Foxboro, as both teams will have a storyline of vanquishing the demons of Brady and Belichick. As the regular season wound down, Peyton Manning did not look as strong as he did when the season began. The team focused more on the run and here we should see how much of that was to win games with Peyton’s waning skills or just to prepare for playoff football. As much as I think Luck and the Colts are on their way, I’m going to take the Broncos over the Colts in this game.

Winston or Mariota

Although I think it was probably a forgone conclusion, Jameis Winston announced today that he would be entering the NFL Draft. With my Bucs holding the number one pick, I really hope this announcement does not affect the decision they’re planning on making. I’m hopeful for a Mariota led, fast paced offense featuring Mike Evans in 2015. But that’s just me, what are you thoughts on this QB choice? What do you think about these playoffs so far? Let me know below


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