Do you miss shaking your Polaroid photos as you waited for them to develop? Polaroid told us that shaking them didn’t actually help the image come up any faster, but shake them we did. Maybe you just miss being able to sing that Outkast line without children even knowing what you’re talking about.

It was definitely a sad day when the company said they’d no longer be manufacturing that instant film for our old cameras any longer. There was something special and fun about sharing that anticipation, seeing how group photos would turn out. Now, with today’s cell phones, selfies are prevalent and filters make sure we almost always get the right shot. Well recently Polaroid announced plans for a printer that will bring back some of that nostalgia. The Polaroid Zip wireless printer should be for sale soon for a price of 129 and works both with iPhones and Android models. The printer uses the Zink zero ink technology, instead taking elements already in the special paper and heating them up. The photos will print out in less than a minute. Even with its price tag, I see this item being a fun party item pretty soon.


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