This Wednesday brings the first version of The Roundup. It’ll be run down of some of the stuff we’ve found the most worth talking about and will be a good intro into what the podcast will be like when it launches in the near future. Yeah, that’s right. The equipment is in and plans are being finalized to get Generally Trivial on the virtual air. Let’s have some fun with some movie talk and get that March kind of mad.


Today, we were treated to the trailer for the new Adam Sandler movie. And while his films have gathered a strong following, his IMDB credits aren’t known for a great deal of diversity. His new movie, Pixels, doesn’t shake off his old movies entirely. It still seems like a comedy filled with silliness. But this one seems to be one of a more dramatic premise. Honestly, it gives me a Ghostbusters feel. Pixels will arrive on July 24th of this year.


 Also this week we learned the release date for Star Wars Episode Eight, May 26th 2017. Disney also revealed the title of a stand alone film in the universe called Rogue One. Long time fans of the franchise will probably have a lot of expectations with a title like that. I’m a little concerned that all of this is a bit rushed, but I guess that’s what will happen when your talent is aging due to waiting so long to film the sequels.


In NFL news, Chip Kelly is playing Madden with the Eagles personnel moves. It’s hard to see his endgame clearly. If Philly isn’t on Hard Knocks, the NFL needs to end the show.

The NBA MVP race is just silly. Russell Westbrook is an absolute machine. I’m not sure that it’s physically possible to play as hard as that man does game after game. Yet, he’s doing that and throwing up triple doubles like they’re nothing. Just unreal.

The big sports story of course is the NCAA tourney. March Madness captivates the nation with a mixture of sports, drama, and an excuse bond with coworkers while not actually working. At Generally Trivial, we’re in on the fun too. While we won’t go into an exhaustive look of our whole brackets, here is some of the crew weighing in on our NCAA champ this year.

  • Jordan – Kentucky. I’m betting on Kentucky winning for a couple reasons. The coaching staff does a really good job of bringing such a young team together. Coaching definitely makes a difference. Also, I think the team will have the motivation and desire to find a way to win, with that being said they will pull together and go undefeated. Their team chemistry is awesome.’
  • Jeff – Duke. Yeah, yeah. I know I lost a few of you with that pick. But I love coach K. He does well and does it the right way. All eyes are on Kentucky and with good reason, so maybe he sneaks in and wins another one.
  • Ryan – Notre Dame. Because Rudy was a good movie.
  • Shawn – Arizona. I have Arizona partially because they are a hot team right now and have a relatively easy path to the Final Four but mostly because I just can’t make myself pick Kentucky.

We’ll keep looking as the tourney progresses to see just how wrong we end up.

Other News

Starbucks is well known for its coffee and is beginning to be known for interesting decisions. The newest among those is one that might draw the ire of several groups.

CEO Howard Schultz has never shied away from  controversial debates, whether those debates are about same-sex marriage, or gun control, or U.S. government gridlock. Beginning on Monday, Starbucks baristas will have the option to write “Race Together” on cups they serve, hopeful promoting a discussion on race relations.  Starbucks employs nearly 200,000 workers, 40% of a racial minority. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this. 


Be sure to check back as we prepare to launch the audio front of Generally Trivial.  


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