In a move absolutely certain to make fans of both franchises happy, Disney has formally announced plans to have the Marvel and Star Wars universes collide. Fanboys have been dreaming up scenarios for years on who would win in fight between Captain America and Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Thor, Obi-Wan and Doctor Strange. It’s really a surprise this hasn’t happened before now. In an exclusive interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger, Generally Trivial got this quote from the Master of Mickey,

“We’re extremely excited to see our fans’ reactions with this new development. It’s all really just a win-win for everyone here. We’re looking at bring out an Ewok paperback for all of our loyal readers wanting to know all about the political structure on Endor and how exactly Deadpool could make it better. Plus, how could would Thanos look with a lightsaber? It’s the whole reason we acquired both franchises.”

So there you have it, Disney’s plans revealed. All of this should fold neatly in Wolverine Versus Vader next April 1st, 2016.


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