When it comes to wishing to be a superhero, Superman is a popular choice for many. Super strength, laser eyes, and dude can fly. But not even Superman could do some of the things Neo was able to perform in the Matrix movies. We all wanted to practice some of those bullet time dodges and instantly know kung fu. Well now a Utah man is building a series of seven 60×60-foot rooms in which users will wear virtual reality headsets and wander around immersive virtual worlds, wielding powers that would even impress The One.

The park will be the first of its kind and open in Utah, a hopeful opening in 2016.  The plan is to open many more sites worldwide. Although I do have to wonder if Utah is the best starting location.

The place sounds awesome with rooms that are continuously reconfigurable and can even change surface textures. Imagine seeing something smooth and metallic and then turning towards an archaic doorway and your hands feeling them as truth.  It all sounds pretty awesome. 

Owner Ken Bretschneider has put up 13 million of his own money to start this plan and hopes to support up to 10 users at once, working together or alone.  He’s planning to form partnerships  gaming studios to create completely different experiences for customers. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any déjà vu. 


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