Pokémon Go! I choose you!

Possibly the most predictable trending item on your social media feed was Pokémon after a wild Pokemon app appeared on Android and iOS devices recently.

Combining the power of your smartphone’s constant presence by your side and the nostalgia of the recent and not-so-recent past, developer Niantic has delivered a serious punch for Nintendo. The game’s runaway success is even greater than most people could have envisioned. It’s been reported that the new app has delivered 7.5 BILLION dollars to Nintendo’s market value. Pretty impressive for a free download, huh?

When talking with friends, coworkers, and family, you probably don’t have to look far for people you know playing the game. If you take a step outside of your house and stroll a little while down the block, you’re probably just as likely to spy someone else out there trying to catch them all. (While on that subject, please look around. You don’t wanna be the guy who got hit by a car while trying to snag that Pinsir.) The augmented reality aspect is really cool. On my way into my favorite coffee shop, (which is a gym that I’m going to own soon) I noticed a few girls playing at a table and slapped high five with the first Team Valor member I’ve met in person. (Shout out to Valor.)

The combat is lacking, especially in comparison to the surprisingly deep system that allowed more experienced gamers to get their fix even with a theme that may not match their liking. I think the game is still fun, but a lot of the allure comes from knowing so many others are playing and that it integrates almost seamlessly with the world around you. That being said, the game could be better. Here’s a few things we’d like to see updated into the game while we sling our Pokéballs.

  • Trainer Battles – Even if it’s just sparring against a friend, being able to actively fight another player in real time would be a ton of fun.
  • Improved Fighting – If we’re going to be fighting others simultaneously, we’ll need some improved controls. Not just a clunky tap, hold, and swipe.
  • More Data – We need a little more context. A little more starting information. And maybe the chance to see other trainers on our overhead maps.
  • Trades – How sweet would it be to trade, just like in the original game? You’re missing a Drowzee? I got you!
  • Stats – There are several sets of personal statistics on the app, but a leader board would be a lot of fun. Let us sign in on Facebook and see if Uncle Tony has passed our level yet. Not gonna happen Tony!


Those are a few of the things we thought of. Do you have any other ideas? Let us know below. I’m sure this will come up on the Who’s Winning the Internet section on the next podcast. Be sure to check out Generally Trivial on iTunes. Now go catch them all!




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