Orcas are Jerks! (Episode 43)

Beautiful jerks are still jerks. And sometimes you need a helping hand to save you from those jerks. Explore the open waters with Jordan, Shawn, and Jeff as they find out who the ocean's superheroes really are, why Google may have more going on than we thought, and another one of the ocean's jerks finding … Continue reading Orcas are Jerks! (Episode 43)

Life, the Universe, and Everything (Episode 42)

Don't panic! Sometimes the answer you're looking for isn't really the answer you're wanting to hear. Come along with Jeff, Jordan, Kristi, and Amber as they find out the answer to what's new in unusual current events.  The crew takes a turn at deciding which current events are most fitting for the show on Weird … Continue reading Life, the Universe, and Everything (Episode 42)


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