The Roundup – July 17th 2015

Caution, this installment of The Roundup may be a leaked version and its quality cannot be certain. This time we’re looking at movie trailers leaking, a man willing to promote his business via flying in a lawn chair, take a closer look at Pluto, and more after the click.

Summertime means movie time and by extension, movie trailer time. It’s just good business to attach trailers for new movies to the ones already at the theaters. Sometimes these trailers are shown to a select audience before breaking out to the regular public. Recently, these trailers seem to leak online faster and more frequently than ever. So much so it’s hard to tell if it’s an actual leak or if it’s the movie studio’s method of drumming up interest. Within the past week we’ve seen several big name movies have their trailers show up online. We now know that Batfleck is in full effect. Warner Brothers said they officially released the Suicide Squad trailer so that the movie wouldn’t be tarnished by the poor quality pirated version. Films with leaked trailers include the cell phone shot Deadpool, X-Men Apocolypse, Warcraft, as well as full Batman versus Superman and Suicide Squad ones; both shown below.

Batman versus Superman 

Suicide squad 

A Canada man recently decided to promote his cleaning business during some local chuckwagon races in Canada. I’m guessing his favorite movie is Up, because if not his idea goes from partially crazy to full on crazy. He strapped over a hundred helium balloons to a twenty dollar lawn chair to take off over the Calgary Stampede. Daniel Boria spent over 10,000 dollars orchestrating the peculiar ad campaign, each of the balloons costing close to a hundred dollars after filling them with helium. He also equipped himself with an oxygen tank and a parachute. While we don’t know what height Mr Boria reached, he claimed “I was looking down on the city and watching 747s and planes approaching the local airport.” In the end, Mr Boria was deflated to find out an arrest for mischief causing danger to life wait on him when he finally parachuted back down.

NASA solidified its presence as one of the most popular photography spots on the planet, as it brought us pictures of things outside of this planet on Wednesday evening. NASA’s New Horizon’s project is gracing us with pictures of that pesky former planet Pluto and its moons. At the time New Horizons was launched Pluto was still considered a planet, being downgraded to a dwarf planet just after launch. These new pictures and information pointing to Pluto being larger than initially thought are opening up that debate again. New Horizons isn’t being powered by solar power like most spacecraft as it is over 4 billion millions from our sun. Instead, it’s powered by (aptly) plutonium, which should last until the 2020s. New Horizons will not head towards a target designated by scientists on Earth, objects in the Kuiper belt. 

 Finally we get to probably the least believable concept behind a movie in some time. It seems two groups are joining forces to bring a previously popular film genre back from the dead. Think a western about zombies. Odd enough for you? How about the fact that former members of ‘N Sync and Backstreet Boys are the ones joining forces for this future masterpiece. Backstreeter Nick Carter is writing, directing, and starring in ‘Dead Seven’. It seems Carter has enlisted the guys behind Sharknado for help, for the one part of this that’s believable. Keep your eyes peeled to the SyFy network for more news.

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