Orcas are Jerks! (Episode 43)

Beautiful jerks are still jerks. And sometimes you need a helping hand to save you from those jerks. Explore the open waters with Jordan, Shawn, and Jeff as they find out who the ocean's superheroes really are, why Google may have more going on than we thought, and another one of the ocean's jerks finding … Continue reading Orcas are Jerks! (Episode 43)


Mandela in Effect (episode 34)

Back and more reliable than your memory about childhood stories about bears, it's episode 34! Jordan, Oliver, and Jeff are here to talk Mandela Effect, give some valuable advice to some people in the news who need it, and follow up on our New Year's Resolutions. Listen up! http://traffic.libsyn.com/generallytrivial/GT_Ep_34_full.mp3 There's an interview with an expert … Continue reading Mandela in Effect (episode 34)

2016 Year in Review (Episode 33)

Happy New Years! We at Generally Trivial are hoping you have a fun and safe holiday weekend. And what safer way to have fun than listening to a podcast? Take a click and listen!  Click play to listen! http://traffic.libsyn.com/generallytrivial/GT_Ep_33_1.mp3 Let us know what you thought of 2016 on Facebook or by calling the Pod Line at 415-763-5463. … Continue reading 2016 Year in Review (Episode 33)