2016 Year End Quiz (Episode 32)

2016 has been a really weird year. Come with us as we explore just how weird it's been through a current events quiz over the entire year of 2016. Chris, Jordan, and Shawn compete and Jeff leads them through it. Make sure to call 415-POD-LINE to leave your thoughts on the year to be on … Continue reading 2016 Year End Quiz (Episode 32)

Just for Kicks (Episode 31)

Welcome to episode 31! We've got thirty-one flavors of awesome for you. This week Jordan, Shawn, Chris, and Jeff fire off the Hot Take Cannon, delve into Did You Hear, and finish it off with some Quick Hits. We also find out which land animal the guys would like to fight. http://traffic.libsyn.com/generallytrivial/GT_Ep_31.mp3 Thanks for listening!