Welcome to the second edition of the Weekly 
Scrimmage.  Here, we'll check into how our picks 
have gone and into some fun NFL stories.

Week one was not the worst week for our picks but definitely wasn’t what you’d call a winner. Nine picks correct picks is better than half but not worth too much. A few games were complete surprises with New England being the one game that nearly everyone had wrong. As much as I hate to admit it, Belichick is a fantastic coach and they were playing a team that really wasn’t all that impressive last year. I still have faith in my Buccaneers after a disappointing week one, but I’m looking to see more from that offense. 9-7 week one, I’m looking forward to having a better week two.

  • Pittsburgh over Baltimore
  • Atlanta over Cincinnati
  • Miami over Buffalo
  • New Orleans over Cleveland
  • Tennessee over Dallas
  • Detroit over Carolina
  • New England over Minnesota
  • Arizona over New York Giants
  • Washington over Jacksonville
  • Tampa Bay over St Louis
  • Seattle over San Diego
  • Denver over Kansas City
  • Green Bay over New York Jets
  • Houston over Oakland
  • San Francisco over Chicago
  • Philadelphia over Indianapolis

News broke yesterday that there was a deal in place for Terry Pegula to purchase the Buffalo Bills for 1.4 billion.  You know, basically my monthly grocery bill. No big deal. Pegula plans to keep the Bills in Buffalo which had been rumored to be moving to Canada. This move will make many happy in a city that saw its team’s prominence on display when it played maid of honor four straight years, coming as up as the runner up in every season from ’90-’93. So, a billion and a half, huh? I wonder if Peluga would be interested in my fantasy team. I’d take half that, easy.


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