The Weekly Scrimmage is the roundup of Generally Trivial's NFL coverage.  Here, 
you'll see how many winners were chosen correctly as well as the status of the
eliminator challenge and random stories from the league.

  Welcome to the first edition of the Weekly scrimmage. This will typically be up earlier in the week. I’m shooting for Wednesday afternoons. In posting this on Friday this week, I get the privilege of sharing my first look back at how my prognostications have gone so far. Well, they first look is not a painless one. My shares purcahsed of Matt Schaub in the SVP and Russillo Quarterback Stock Game make me think I need to fire my broker.  A little tough to put up numbers when you’re not even the starter.

  But hey, I had a shot to look good after my pick for the opening game, right?  I’m a big Aaron Rodgers guy.  I know the Seattle defense is pretty special but I feel like they were playing one of the three best signal callers in the league.  It looks like it may take a little more time to work through the rust of not playing after missing most of the end of last season.  So my picks did not start off on the right foot, but here is what I have for the rest of week one.

  • Saints over Falcons
  • Bears over Bills
  • Bengals over Ravens
  • Steelers over Browns
  • Chiefs over Titans
  • Jets over Raiders
  • Vikings over Rams
  • Patriots over Dolphins
  • Eagles over Jaguars
  • Texans over Redskins
  • Cowboys over 49ers
  • Buccaneers over Panthers
  • Broncos over Colts
  • Lions over Giants
  • Cardinals over Chargers

  I think the start of this season is one where a few teams have named starting quarterbacks but there are still changes to be made. I’ve already made known I thought Schaub was playing in Oakland. I can also easily see Bridgewater getting time in Minny. Plus, everyone’s favorite talking topic, Johnny Football is almost assured to be evading defenders before the season is old. 

  Appreciate you stopping by to see the first Weekly Scrimmage.  Let me know in the comments where you agree or disagree with me.  Or hit me up on twitter at GeneralyTrivial (darn character limit).



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