Have a hankering for some Thin Mints and don’t know any Girl Scouts?

Start checking your inbox.

The industrious young ladies who participate in Girl Scouts are entering the digital space to sell their wares. It’s one of those ideas that seems like a no brainer after hearing about it. Americans love few things more than eating cookies and spending time online. The platform has been given to troops to help the girls increase sales as well as teach them some valuable lessons.Scout officials say that their girls can gain new skills, such as better articulating and tracking goals, learning to handle customers and money in a new way, and more efficiently processing credit card information.

Did I mention these cookies will then been shipped to your doorstep? In another step to smooth the process, cookies ordered this way will be sent directly to the purchaser’s home. There is one catch to this deal, as prospective customers will need an email link to get to the cookie goodness. I imagine they didn’t want to pay to have a site that could handle the web traffic an online store would generate. Still, this is pretty sweet news.

I’ll be looking for that awesome email allowing me to order some of those wonderful Samoas.


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