It has been a week of champions being crowned. Both the NHL and NBA saw teams win it all. Congratulations are in order to the Chicago Blackhawks and Golden State Warriors. We also saw a new number one in entertainment. And we’ll hear about a rather unusual find being dug up.

It seems that every year there’s a new film aiming to break records at the box office. 2015 had a slate of films with high hopes and even higher anticipation. From the Avengers sequel to the start of a new Star Wars trilogy, there are some heavy hitters. When Avengers opened a few years ago, it was a culmination of a few film franchises merging together. That helped it gain the top opening weekend of all time with 207.4 million, a heroic effort indeed. Now, it seems we have a new Jurassic World champion with the dino movie opening at 208.8. Of course with Star Wars hitting this December, that victory may soon go extinct.

We have been treated to some pretty exciting playoffs in the NBA and NHL this year and this week saw both leagues crown a champion. Both the Blackhawks and Warriors are teams loaded with stars and are deep with talent. Both teams seem to make the plays needed to win the game when they’re needed most. But when it comes to recent history, they’re very different. This is the first title for the Warriors in 40 years while the Blackhawks just hauled in their third in six years. That’s an incredibly accomplishment in a sport where first seeds losing in the first round is not uncommon and a single bounce of the puck the wrong way could spell defeat. They have the best players locked up for several more years, so they’re poised to do more damage in the playoffs. The Warriors are in the middle of history, one that we’ll know with hindsight whether it’s of continued greatness or a team that sputtered out after one brilliant flash. They have more versatility than anyone in a league that seems to be trending smaller. The Blackhawks are stacked with recognizable names to team up with two of the game’s best players in Toews and Kane.
There have been a few big announcements in the world of podcasting media. Podcasts have been steadily gaining a bigger audience for years but has seen a sharper incline in awareness within the past year. Serial is in no small part responsible for part of the increased audience. And it’s now known that not only are Sarah Koenig and crew working on a second season of the breakaway hit, due out this fall, but that a third season is already being worked on as well. Both the second and third seasons will focus on entirely new stories. Now listeners and internet sleuths will have something new to sink their teeth into.
Finally, we just wanted to bring to your attentive that scientists have found the remains of a whale in Egypt. Kinda weird, right?

How about the fact this whale was inside a whale? Or that they were both inside of a shark? Can


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