This week we’re talking Batman, video games, and..Underwear? Today is Friday, June the 26th, National Chocolate Pudding Day, and here are the things you’ll be talking about.

Ever since the massive success of the first Avengers, it seemed all but certain that DC would follow suit with their own team up movie using their Justice League line. After dragging their feet for a while, we’ll finally get a taste of what’s to come in the new Batman versus Superman next summer. Despite the film’s main title, its subtitle and numerous reports seem to indicate that this film will basically be a Justice League prequel. Many have wondered what would happen to the caped crusader afterwards as it’s not long from the days of Christian Bale donning the cowl. Now we’re hearing that Ben Affleck will both star and direct ‘The Batman’, set to arrive the summer of 2018. Affleck has proven to be a capable director so far but time will tell if he be able to appease the fans of Christopher Nolan’s work.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo video game conference was recently held in Los Angeles and while there were a lot of storylines about the show, probably the biggest wave at E3 was created by the Fallout 4. After acquiring the franchise, Bethesda has taken it from one well regarded by serious gamers to one that has huge appeal to the casual gamer. The trailer looks is the kind of after carnage beauty we’ve come to expect as you can see for yourself here.

Also announced was a remake to one of the most beloved games of all time, Final Fantasy VII. With updated graphics and a newer audience, the game is likely to be a big seller. Maybe they’ve worked on and ending that isn’tso confusing too.  

And for all of you geeking out on the new Fallout 4 news and are just general Bethesda fan boys.. Well, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do to get on Tyler Kirkham’s level. Mr Kirkham is a comic book artist from Salt Lake City and apparently makes good money doing so. He’s put 50,000 dollars into turning his basement into an Elder Scrolls homage. The room has weaponry like the game’s, a Dovahkiin helmet, and training dummies. His bathroom even has a mine shaft theme. But while he may have the most invested in his passion for all things Elder Scroll, another man made a more frugal decision to further his gaming hobby. 

  Imgur user GatorMacheteJr, or Seth as his letter shows, sent in over eleven pounds of bottlecaps as compensation for a preorder. With bottlecaps being the currency of choice in the post apocalyptic wastelands in Fallout, it was an innovative idea and one that paid dividends. Bethesda has said that since he was the first person to try this, they would accept that as payment.

Finally news out of Jasper, Georgia says that a woman is now facing felony shoplifting charges. What was it she was attempting to steal you ask? Why, 131 pairs of underwear of course. Julia Marie Jones made this panty run at a Wal-Mart store in Kennesaw, Georgia. The total value of the under garments was over 700 dollars. Apparently she tried to sneak the goods out in her purse, a handbag, and grocery bags. While the report didn’t say why she failed in her attempt, I have to think simply carrying that many bags makes stealing difficult. Jones did not make a personal statement but let it be known on Facebook she wasn’t happy with people talking about her dirty laundry.

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