Man attacked by shark! Divorce rate about to skyrocket! Bears now breaking into bakeries. We’re diving into dangerous waters this week.

There are few things more terrifying than a shark attack. That’s always been true but after Jaws’ theatrical release, it’s more in the public conscience. That’s probably why the harrowing tales of surviving such attacks make for such good stories. This week three time world surfing champion Mick Fanning was the survivor of just such attack, while competing on live television no less.

While Mick credits Julian Wilson as a “warrior” for coming to his aid in the midst of danger, he’s still possibly the only guy on Earth who can say he got in a fist fight with a shark and came out alive. Fanning punched the shark in the back after the shark made its move on him. Fanning not only lived but surprisingly made it through the ordeal uninjured.

While a shark attack sends shivers down my spine, this next one may scare the heck out of a lot of people for a very different reason. Amid a recent outbreak of websites being hacked for credit card information, we’re now hearing that Ashley Madison, the website with the slogan proclaiming that “Life is short. Have an affair.” The website is said to have nearly thirty-eight million anonymous members, with at least one of those released as of Wednesday. A man in Brockton, Massachusetts was the first victim of the attack. Something tells me he’ll have a hard time finding much in the way of sympathy. I think we can all agree lawyers are the ones winning here.

As if hacking of personal details and a shark attack weren’t enough to scare you, maybe this next story will. in continuing our pursuit of the bear beat, we’ve learned about a bear who really loves pie. Like really loves pie. Though apparently he hates rhubarb. A bear entered the Colorado Cherry Company through a window that has now been boarded up. The bear made its way into a portion of the bakery that did not have security cameras. It then feasted on a smorgasbord of baked delights, but left all of the strawberry-rhubarb dishes. The bear did leave two large paw prints behind, clearly letting the humans investigating fool themselves into a false sense of security. An animal that leaves tracks can’t be that brilliant if it’s leaving tracks, right? People, bears are on another level of dangerous. I hope the authorities can see this before it’s too late. Who am I kidding, it already is.

For our bit of relief after the terror that is the bear beat we go to Los Angeles to take a look at Andrew Hawryluk, the young man who may hold claim to World’s Biggest Chipotle Fan. Mr Hawryluk decided he’d eat at the popular every day over the lent period. Business Insider spoke with him, “Once the 40 days ended it was so anticlimactic, I decided to see how much longer I could do it.” How much longer could he eat at the same restaurant daily you ask? Well, that answer is of course at least 113 days more, for a grand total of 153 days. That’s right, so far. He doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. He’s even planning vacations on whether or not the spot has access to the queso goodness. Mr Hawryluk has started up a website to document his endeavor. You can check in on him at Chipotlife. I think I’m getting hungry.

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