We’re back with another edition of the Roundup, while Meek Mill is probably still coming up with a response to Drake. This week a man throws away ten thousand dollars, the International Olympic Committee recognizes a Saturday afternoon park favorite, and KFC is celebrating its 60th anniversary in Canada with a very different bucket of chicken. All of that after the .

While Ronda Rousey is knocking out her opponents in less time it takes for a new movie trailer to be leaked to the internet, we may have witnessed a new knockout champion. After Meek Mill called out Drake for not writing his own lines, Drake used tracks directed back at the rapper and then performed them in front of memes collected from the internet at OVO Fest in Toronto this past Monday. The Twitter audience is claiming the beef over. Now the only question is if Meek Mill’s career was mortally wounded by memes.

Here’s a story that will simultaneously make you feel better and worse about your day. On one hand, you likely didn’t just throw ten grand in the trash. On the other, you likely didn’t just win all that dough either. Cedric Jackson of Rome, Georgia went on quite the high stakes emotional roller coaster recently. After believing he’d purchased losing tickets, he’d asked the the convenience store clerk to toss the tickets in the trash. Jackson soon returned to the store after realizing he’d actually purchased not one, but two winning tickets worth 5,000 a piece. Jackson went through the store’s trash can and dumpster but came up empty handed. Later that day the employee who’d tossed the tickets remembered he’d tossed them in a trash can in the office. He then called Jackson to reclaim the winning tickets.

  The International Olympic Committee has brought one of your college dreams closer to being possible. By recognizing Ultimate Frisbee, it’s now paved a path for the sport that’s part backyard catch and part two hand touch to be a featured Olympic sport. It may finally be possible to be a gold medalist in Frisbee. Ultimate still has to make the cut, with lots of sports vying for entry into the games but this is the first step. I’m just going to assume that the medalists will receive their awards as gold, silver, and bronze plated discs.

  I guess offering a distinctly American dish in Canada for 60 years is worth celebrating. KFC is commemorating the feat with the Memories Bucket. This bucket isn’t adorned with images of the past six decades in remembrance however, it’s looking to make memories in the present. How are they looking to do that with the Memories Bucket? By releasing a chicken carrier that doubles as a Bluetooth printer. Yes, you’ll be able to swipe your greasy thumbs and link up to the bucket of chicken to print off photos of your mashed potato selfies. But not everyone will have this chance, it looks like the bucket will be given away as a limited release. Pass me the biscuits and the iPad, eh?

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