Hello and happy Friday. Here are a few of the more interesting stories circulating to bring up in discussion. We have the story of a lady’s bra acting as a life saving device, a news anchor who’s sick of talking about the Kardashians, and the longest birthday celebration of all time.

While getting dressed in the morning, a German woman may have found a new reason to appreciate wearing a bra. Bullet deflection.

The lady, whose name has not been released, was on a bike ride with her husband in the town of Gadebusch, about 45 miles northeast of Hamburg, on August second when they accidentally riding into the middle of a boar hunt. The couple heard the sound of a rifle before the woman felt a sharp pain in her side. But it appears the underwire kept the bullet from penetrating, still leaving her with a nasty bruise. Police found a dead boar nearby and assume the bullet must have hit the wife after ricocheting off of the animal. I think the bra maker should seek this lady out for some marketing possibilities.

In news concerning someone who tells the news, we learn of a man who’s sick of the family famous for being in the news because they’re in the news. John Brown of Fox 35 has simply had enough. See for yourself.

Honestly, I think the man is a role model. Standing up for what’s right. I salute you, John Brown.

Sven Hagemeiser will have a hard time living up to the precedent he just set while celebrating his 26th birthday. He spent nearly two full days in August 4th. By setting up a flight pattern from Auckland, New Zealand, to Brisbane, Australia and then to Honolulu. Timing that well allowed him to stay in August 4 for forty six hours. An impressive feat. 

While most of us likely haven’t ever committed insurance fraud, I think we can all identify with being tired of the car we’re driving at the time. Maybe it’s not running like it did when we first got it. Maybe it’s been in a fender bender and is a bit of an eyesore. Or maybe, like the twenty year old down-on-his-luck star of our story, you really, really want daddy to buy you a new Ferrari because the 245,000 car you’re somehow managing to make it around town in just isn’t cutting it. And the fifteen other cars and 10,000 monthly allowance aren’t enough to satisfy your driving habits. I mean, we’ve all been there, right?

Well if you’re wondering what to do in that situation, you can rule out paying three men fifteen thousand dollars to set fire to the car so your father will buy you a new one. That’s insurance fraud, and the police don’t like that. You’ll end up with something like a thirty two thousand dollar fine and twenty months probation. No word on whether or not they took his license too.

Walking straight out of the nightmare he came from, an ax-wielding clown is now avoiding police in the Hickory, North Carolina area. It turns out the nightmare has a name as Jimmy Raybon has a warrant out for his arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. Because ‘insanely carrying out a horrifying clown fantasy’ has yet to be written into the penal code. Mr Raybon is accused of standing outside of the home of a acquaintance, asking her to come out before swinging the ax in her direction. Police should be prepared for eight of his psychotic accomplices filing out of his vehicle when they finally catch up to him.

For a fun question this week, let us know what you’d do if an ax wielding clown came after you.

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