Happy Groundhog Day!

John Scott, Superbowl dinner plans, and how your next flight might have you seated to something that’s not breathing.

A day known almost as well for its cooky animal weather conspiracies as the classic Bill Murray comedy, Groundhog Day feels all at once often forgotten and perplexing at how it’s celebrated as much as it is. Honestly, the people of Pennsylvania should be appreciative for Bill Murray’s movie. Otherwise we may not remember the date so well. Anyway, the furry larva jostled around as people watched today. Eventually not seeing his shadow. So that means spring is coming faster. Or like, lightning storms in Arizona or something. Wanna know something else? Probably not but here goes, Canada has a special, immortal groundhog too. Shubenacadie Sam is its name. Don’t ask me what gender that makes it. Or how to pronounce that. Even if I were typically that linguistically gifted, I couldn’t manage the Canadian accent. Still, it seems he didn’t see his shadow either. I don’t know what happens if both beasts find differing results. I guess that’s how El Niños happen.

Wondering what other kind of magical zoo-types are deciding the fate of the world around you? Great! We’ve compiled a (completely and totally not made up at all) list just for you.

Leif the Sea Turtle – This dude watches over the inflow of new, expensive objects into the Bermuda Triangle. Turns out he can be bribed with caviar.

Finnegan the Kangaroo – Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Melbourne, Finnegan or Finny as the kids tend to call him over there watches over the dingo population, making sure that the don’t snatch up babies. Sometimes he misses one. A swift kick of justice awaits ornery dingos.

Nessie of the Loch – She’s famously hard to photograph. People think she’s elusive because she doesn’t want seen. Truth be told, she’s just got a lot of stuff to get done. Scotland is full of possible seismic activity. Nessie’s swimming habits help calm the tectonics. Thanks, Nessie.

Brian (Big Bird) – A lot of people think that Big Bird is simply a man in a suit like the rest of the actors on Sesame Street. The CIA created the show in the 60’s to keep up an identify for their chief aid in identifying alien crop circles. Since his role has been replaced by computer technology, Brian has been relieved of his duties, but his earthly origin is still in question.

I honestly felt bad for John Scott during the drama of the recent NHL fan vote push to put a lesser known player in the All-Star game. This might be an extension of the recent baseball voting process where fans tried to include the entire Kansas City roster in the summer showcase. I didn’t have a problem with that. It wasn’t singling out a player and it was for support of a team, not picking on someone for their relative lack of talent.

After hearing Scott’s interview on the Le Batard radio interview, I was sure I heard a sadness in his voice over dealing with the stress over the whole process. Being voted in as an All Star captain as a joke can’t be fun. In the end, his wife convinced him to play. They could use the bonus money from playing the game. He doesn’t make big bucks for a professional athlete.

In the end, as we should’ve guessed, sports happened. Professional athletics are at their best when the story lines make for tense moments, intrigue, and a human element to go with passionate competition. John Scott was the star among all the stars on display. In the new four team, 3 on 3 format, Scott scored two goals and his team won (netting a million dollar bonus). I think the format is a pretty great idea. Oh, and the 33-year-old enforcer was named MVP of the All Star game. It’s truly a special moment and that’s no joke.

Does it always feel like you get stuck next to the weird one on the long flight? If not, it’s probably you who’s the weird one. If you feel that way, you may want to be selective in your ticket choices if you ever need to fly in Thailand. Thai Smile Airways just made a policy change, allowing passengers to purchase tickets for their Luk Thep dolls. Apparently the dolls will even be served drinks and snacks.

These dolls are also known as “Angel’s Child” or “Child God” dolls and are believed to have the spirit of an angel inside of them. They’re supposed to bring their owners good fortune if they are treated well. Good thing they don’t have to deal with the TSA.


Finally, the Superbowl approaches this weekend. People from all over the world will gather to watch all the great commercials. And an occasional tackle break. What will they be eating?  Check out this image from the National Chicken Council.

chickenwings Pretty crazy, right?

Thanks for joining us again. Let us know what you think about who’s winning the Superbowl and which legendary animal is your favorite.

Until next time,



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