It’s time for another dose of the lighter side of current events and that’s no joke. Today, we’re going to help you find love using your armpits, take a look at who’s likely getting that Starbucks gift card from the March Madness bracket, and look at why a bank thought a dog was a terrorist. See you after the click! One of these stories is an April Fool’s joke, can you tell which one?

We’re waiting another week to record the podcast, breaking off from our fortnightly release schedule. Shawn is still recovering from either a virus or maybe it was superhero related. Expect to hear our Batman V Superman thoughts next week. Feel free to email us at and record 90 seconds of your thoughts. Or you can always drop by the Facebook page and be a part of the conversation there.

Smelling good on a first date is typically one of the first building blocks to getting a second date. Smell Dating, a New York matchmaking service, is taking an interesting angle on smells and potential love interests. Tega Brain, an artist, and Sam Lavigne, an editor at New York University, have created the project that they consider an art project.

The first 100 clients received a t-shirt to wear for three days without bathing. They were then mailed back to the “sweat shop” and cut into swatches for distribution. Basically, if two clients both enjoy the odors of each other, they’ll be matched up. This is taking pheromones to the extreme. It’s just 25 dollars to sign up for the service so there’s little to lose other than being stuck in the same t-shirt for three days. And the having to sniff someone’s pits who’s done the same. Will this lead to greater companionship? Nobody nose.

Ever felt like someone was watching you? Turn and check your surroundings for the twentieth time and still can’t shake the thought? Well TwentyTwenty wants to make sure that you feel safe on your long walks back to your parked car. Working through a low battery-consuming bluetooth connection, The 6 is a device that acts as someone watching your back at all times, showing you a small window video feed on your phone in hand as you’re free to text and stalk on social media.

The 6 is a small camera that focuses on the area directly behind the user. It can be hidden underneath the brim of a hat, in a scarf, or can be ordered with a patch of “hair” to blend in with your natural color. TwentyTwenty plans to have the device ready by this fall.

Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend. While most of us have probably known a dog that wasn’t very friendly, it’s usually the environment that makes the animal that way. Recently in San Francisco a dog was thought to be something altogether different than the barking menace down the street. Bruce Francis was using Chase Bank to transfer some money to his dog walker for services rendered. Unfortunately the dog’s name, Dash, was apparently too close to Deash, the name of an Islamic State.

It didn’t take long for the payment to be released after Mr Francis explained the situation. Dash is now free to be walked as he pleases, but his phone calls will probably be watched for a long time.

It’s no longer March, but the madness remains for a little bit longer. We’re down to the Final Four. With Carolina being the only 1 seed left and facing the Cinderella Syracuse Orange, they’re the favorites. On the other side, both 2 seeds made it as Villanova and Oklahoma face off for a chance to see each other in the championship game. In the Generally Trivial bracket, three players still have their title pick remaining with UNC. Adler Viton is the current leader in points, but has zero remaining possible points. It will probably take UNC losing against ‘Cuse for him to hang on. Madman3166 looks poised to take the crown and the 20 dollar Starbucks card. Good luck and thanks for playing!

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Think you know which story was bogus without googling it? Post your choice on Facebook and we’ll let you know!

Thanks for reading.


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