A kickoff to the 2014 NFL season.

To kickoff the 2014 NFL season, I’m going to start with two things.
Participating in the SVP and Russillo Quarterback stock game. And stop using kickoff as a pun.

After listening to the SVP podcast today, I decided I was going to try the quarterback stock game that Russillo had come up with along with a couple other ideas to toss around to see how they stick.  I’m going to try and do the following with regularity.
  • Fill out and compete in the SVP and Russillo quarterback stock game, tracking my progress.
  • Make picks in an ESPN pick’em, allowing for the hilarity of my decision making to be on display.
  • Participate in an eliminator challenge.
  • Post some “news” articles about the season’s exploits of my fantasy team.

Today, I’m looking to spend a thousand dollars of funny money on a quarterback from each tier listed over at the podcast page here Quarterback Stock Game.  The goal is to pick the players as stocks, hoping for the best fiscal return.  The numbers are objectively based on QBR divided by ten and the win to loss ration divided over four weeks.  After that, I’ll see how my progress or lack thereof went and buy four more signal callers.

So without further rambling, these are my stock selections for the first four weeks of the season.  I’d love to see comments below on who other people are taking with their choices or just let me know if you agree with my picks or not.

  1. From tier one I’m grabbing fifty shares of Drew Brees at 8.55 per totally 427.5.  He’s got the Cowboys and Falcons in the first four weeks.  Plus, he’s a beast of a quarterback.  Easy pick for me.
  2. Seattle is a pretty tough matchup in week one.  But having the Lions and the suddenly hapless Bears D after that make me feel pretty good about Aaron Rodgers in tier two.  Twenty shares at 7.62 makes for 152.4 for a total of 579.9 so far.
  3. Pick three doesn’t make me proud.  I’m not a Flacco guy.  But I think they stand a chance to start out of the gates hot and I’m going to roll the dice with 40 shares at 4.67, subtotaling 186.8 and at 766.7 spent so far.
  4. Tier four may show me to be crazy.  I’m going with a redemptive storyline with Matt Schaub sticking to his old team and pulling off an upset versus the Dolphins all while throwing up some good numbers.  I’m taking eighty five shares (!) of a player just taken down a peg from a terrible situation in Houston. 232.05 invested takes me to 998.75 total.

So there’s my picks.  Love ’em? hate ’em? Want to see something different?  Let me know below.


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