The Backdoor Cut – October 31st 2014

Good afternoon and thanks for clicking on the first of Generally Trivial's weekly posts. With The Backdoor Cut, the aim is to talk about basketball in way that highlights the important trends of the league as well as taking a look at some of the more fun things going on in the NBA. Basketball is … Continue reading The Backdoor Cut – October 31st 2014

Weekly Scrimmage – October 22nd 2014

So that Peyton Manning guy is pretty good. If you like six five guys with laser rocket arms. That Niners D is missing some pretty key contributors but what Manning did is special against a squad that most teams don't look forward to playing. Oh, and the whole throwing more touchdowns than anyone else ever … Continue reading Weekly Scrimmage – October 22nd 2014

1st and 20

A kickoff to the 2014 NFL season.To kickoff the 2014 NFL season, I'm going to start with two things.Participating in the SVP and Russillo Quarterback stock game. And stop using kickoff as a pun.After listening to the SVP podcast today, I decided I was going to try the quarterback stock game that Russillo had come … Continue reading 1st and 20