Good afternoon and thanks for clicking on the first of Generally Trivial’s weekly posts. With The Backdoor Cut, the aim is to talk about basketball in way that highlights the important trends of the league as well as taking a look at some of the more fun things going on in the NBA. Basketball is where the joy of sports is most felt here and we’re looking to explore some fun topics and share words with friends and commenters here.The start of the NBA season is a reason for excitement and this season is ripe with compelling storylines. Many of the talking heads have the Spurs repeating. And barring injury, they’ll surely win another fifty games and head into the playoffs. Of course we’ve got the whole Lebron returning to Cleveland story and how exactly that shapes the Cavs and the rest of the Eastern conference. How will the Heat adjust to the loss of the best player in the league? Will Wade have a rejuvenated season and how will Bosh handle being the main option on offense again. We’re also looking at he health of Derrick Rose and what that means for possible title contenders in Chicago. Their frontcourt rotation is impressive but could be hampered by the defensive abilities of Pau Gasol. The Bulls have handled injuries well for years under Tom Thibodeau. But if Noah or Taj goes down, how will that defense hold on if Rose can’t replicate his All Star form.

Kevin Durant is set to miss the first six weeks or so of the season. This is pretty rare for the reigning MVP and Westbrook already takes heat for his high usage percentage. Will he be able to hold the ship afloat until Durant comes back? Will my home team Pacers look anything like the team we’ve seen the past five seasons? Are the Clippers poised to take the next step? Here, we’ll take a look at a few predictions for the coming NBA season.

  • 2014 Eastern Playoff team to miss the 2015 playoffs: Indiana Pacers
  • 2014 Western Playoff team to miss the 2015 playoffs: Memphis Grizzlies
  • Rookie of the Year: Jabari Parker
  • Dunk of the Year: Gerald Green
  • Scoring Champ: James Harden
  • Most Improved: Boogie Cousins
  • Coach of the Year: Lionel Hollins
  • Most Angry Scowls: Kobe Bryant
  • Saddest Moment: Steve Nash retiring
  • MVP: Blake Griffin
  • NBA Champ: LA Clippers

I think we’ll take a regular look at how these are panning out and make some new assertions along the way. Also, we’ll take a look at my fantasy basketball team, Carry On My Hayward Son, and how it fares this season. Thanks for taking the time to read. Looking forward to your feedback and rolling out some new features as the season progresses.


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