I stay believing in unicorns.

I had Tampa and St Louis both winning last week. My Tampa pick looked like a decent bet but I’ve yet to be correct while picking them to win this year. St Louis is still a team I believe to be much better than their record. Yet I couldn’t pick them correctly to save my life. They put up very little fight against a disappointing Chiefs team. And to get back to the Bucs for a second, how in the world were they able to take out Pittsburgh? What in the world was going on against Indy? Big Ben is an established quarterback but those numbers were insane. The last drive looked to me like Tomlin was thinking hard about having Ben tie the record for touchdowns in a game. But few teams in the NFL want to push their luck in a sport with such a great risk for injury. And Big Ben now sits with sixteen touchdowns against three picks on the season. The Steelers passing offense is averaging just under three hundred yards per game for fourth in the league.As for picks, I talked myself out of picking the Redskins last week. I hold onto the idea that even the best teams lose games in a pretty tough league but I chickened out of the pick with the way the Dallas O-line has been manhandling the opposition. I also underestimated the power of the Saints at home. I managed to land double digit picks correctly for the sixth straight week. I’m working hard to forget my horrible week 2 performance. Here’s who I’m liking for week 9:

  • Panthers
  • Bengals
  • Browns
  • Cardinals
  • Chiefs
  • Chargers
  • Redskins
  • Eagles
  • 49ers
  • Patriots
  • Steelers
  • Seahawks
  • Colts

For what I believe is the first time all year, I’ve picked against the Broncos. Not only is the game in Foxboro but these are the kinds of games that the Hood always manages to win it seems. This could be a panic inducing week in Seattle if the Seahawks manage to lose to the hapless Raiders. I also feel a little uneasy about picking agains the Jets this week. Vick has shown the ability to shine brightly for short spurts and Kansas City has looked rocky at times.

As for the Quarterback Stock Game, I’m still looking for the SVP and Russillo page to be updated to see how my finances have worked out, so I’ll make an update as soon as I can and get back to that. Please let me know your thoughts below.


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