Welcome to week eleven. Where the NFC South threatens to bring up the topic of playoff reform once again. We talked last week about how every team in the AFC North would be winning the division. And then the only team in the South to get a win was the Falcons. And that was likely only because they played the bottom dwelling Bucs from their own division. The Panthers looked pitiful. The Saints were close, but against a team in the Niners that haven’t been playing up to their potential. And if we’re talking about divisional games, we have to reference that disaster that was the Packers/Bears game. Division games are usually so close, especially between decades long rivals like these two teams. That game was ugly. Chicago came into the season feeling like they had a pretty good shot at making the playoffs with the offense from last year and the improvements made on defense. Now, they’re staring down a possible rebuild. It all made for an interesting week. Last week I returned to double digit territory in making picks correctly. Here’s who I have for week 11:

  • Miami
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • New Orleans
  • Cleveland
  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • Tampa Bay
  • San Diego
  • Detroit
  • Green Bay
  • New England
  • Pittsburgh

The surprising match up of the week is Detroit taking its seven and two record into an Arizona team with only one loss but missing Carson Palmer. Palmer has been mostly effective, but that team’s success has clearly rested on its defense and special teams. Detroit has made major strides on the defensive side of the ball as well. This game is actually going to decide who the NFC leader is. 2014 is weird. My easiest pick was Denver against the Rams who are going through quarterback drama. So go ahead and get ready for a Denver loss on Sunday.

Quarterback Stock Game

Ryen Russillo has been hard at work getting math done for his quarterback stock game and it’s taken a little longer than expected to get my numbers posted. Also, I need to correct some things in how I’ve done it so far. The grand I had to spend initially does not replenish every quarter of the season. I’m to take that money invested, hopefully wisely, and use it for my stock purchases each time. Also, a quarterback will keep his pricing unless his play dictates otherwise, like my Schaub pick from the beginning of the season. I’m going to take my picks for the second week and just get my total and play with what money I have from here on.

  • My Eli shares lost me some money. Sixty shares of that got me with a total of 406.80, a loss of 73.20. Thanks a lot, Eli.
  • I paid 126.80 for Big Ben and should’ve bought a lot more shares. Twenty shares got me 162.40. He dominated a few games here.
  • I also got into a bit of Tom Brady. This has also paid off because I was smart enough to get fifty shares here. 232.50 turned into 441.50. Steak dinner.
  • Jake Locker with 43 shares for total of 159.96 turned into 239.51. Not a Titanic, but I’ll take that.

That leaves me with 1250.21 from my thousand spent this quarter and I had .74 leftover from the thousand. After correcting my Schaub money, I made 91.05 the first quarter before the buck and quarter I had left from my buying. That’s 1416.51 to spend to start the second half of the season. Let’s see what we can get into. Four quarterbacks. One from each tier listed at the SVP and Russillo radio page here. These numbers will start with week ten, but this is the first Weekly Scrimmage since they were posted.

  • Tier one has shaken down to be usual suspects from the ‘elite’ conversation. Peyton, Brady, Rodgers, Carson Palmer. Well, most of it looks right anyway. But I’m going to go with forty shares of Phillip Rivers. He can’t get a loss on the bye week and is facing some easy competition. I’ve paid 342.40.
  • Here, I’m going to go with Alex Smith. He doesn’t take risks and so I don’t think I am either. Fifty shares at 6.24 totaling 312.00 for my safe pick.
  • In the third tier, I’m going to show my love for Chip Kelley’s offense. I’m not sold on Sanchez, but I think Kelley is running something that most quarterbacks could step in and being at least moderately effective.  A hundred share buy. 5.34 per share.
  • Finally, I’m ordering Bortle service, taking 91 shares of Blake Bortles at 2.49 for a total of 226.59.

This takes my total investment to 1414.99 and a dollar a fifty-two cents left over. I’m looking to make some more money in the third quarter and compare it to anyone else playing along. Playing the game? Tell me your total money made or lost below. Making better picks than me? Let me know. Until next week.


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