On this edition of The Backdoor Cut we're going
to take a look at the current state of affairs
in the NBA, check out a spectacular new dunk,
and look at the future with Overreaction Theater.

Well, here we are more than ten percent of the way through the season and the Spurs are middle of the pack in playoff seeding, the Kings are one of the funnest teams to watch, and every Southwest team is a top eight seed. You know, just like we all had penciled in. I couldn’t ever do books in Vegas, dudes have to be able to take their mind off of the excitement and wildness of the sport itself and guess correctly enough to consistently make money. And how can anyone confidently lay money down on a Kings game with the volatile persona of Boogie Cousins. He’s finally starting to take steps toward being the powerful force that puts fear into opponents on a nightly basis. I think I’ll always remember the time I saw him knock David West down on a rebound opportunity in person. I knew then that Cousins was a force. He’s always been imposing but has taken himself out of games with an incredibly high foul rate, and a penchant for technical fouls. Boogie is currently averaging 7.4 fouls per 48 minutes. Which makes his numbers even more impressive. With the Kings recent better play, DeMarcus will possibly benefit from more leeway with the officials. Speaking of Cousins’ improved play, let’s make some overreactions.

Overreaction Theater
  • Boogie will be the All-Star Game MVP. He’s already a great finisher around the rim and a fun player to watch. But this year, he’ll make his first All-Star Game and no one playing in that will want to body him up. He’s going to run wild.
  • The 76ers will end up being the worst team in NBA history. They were bad last year. They won nineteen games last year. That was including a good chunk of the season when they had Thad Young and Evan Turner. They’ve traded away real NBA players and made another lottery selection of a possible star who likely won’t play the season he’s draft. Embiid may be a beast, but he doesn’t help them this year. This year will be up there with the ’73 Sixers and the 2012 Bobcats.
  • Frank Vogel will win coach of the year. While Indy won on opening night, they struggled to begin the season. As a playoff team missing four of its five starters from the year before would be expected to do. But after winning four of five, the team is starting to show signs of life. West will be back soon and George Hill is scheduled back not long after. Voters will recognize the work done to keep this team a playoff contender.
Weekly Highlights

 Rudy Gay found the team that appreciates his talents. He and the Kings agreed to a three year, $40 million dollar extension. The deal is great for both sides. For all of his detractors, Gay still provides a hyper athletic presence who’s able to hang with the super high profile wings that currently dominate the league. And the cap hit is pretty small for a player that can be a high volume score and elite crunch time shot maker. The deal’s third year is a player option, allowing Gay to enter free agency just as the cap likely balloons with the new TV deal.

Nick Young came back to the struggling Lakers(I like understatements apparently). Swaggy P came back for a 114-109 road win over the Atlanta Hawks in which the Lakers shot 54 percent from the field. Young said after the game “It’s like my swag just rubbed off on everybody.” Goodnight, that’s some confidence. I’d love to hear a recorded conversation between him and Kobe.

Finally, the internet was treated to the creative genius of Jordan Kilganon. The young 6’1″ professional dunker has unleashed a new dunk called ‘The Scorpion’. Here it is in all its beauty.



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