Well. The Oakland Raiders won a game. We kinda have to start there. When a team hasn’t won for a full calendar year, it’s kind of a big deal. Not only that, they took out a Chiefs team that is not terrible. Supposedly anyway. They do have a signal caller that takes looks downfield about as confidently as a nervous seventh grade boy glances at the girl he’s about to ask out. Still, that’s got to be a heck of a feeling for Los Angeles fans. Whoops, I definitely meant Oakland.The team I feel the most for now is Arizona. Carson Palmer is no elite tier quarterback, but he’s a proven vet. The Cardinals had to feel like they had a shot to win playoff games with Palmer steering the ship. With his loss, the team that entered week with the best record now looks extremely vulnerable. With my Bucs no where near the playoffs, I could see myself hitching my wagon to a team like Arizona. Still, I’m sure they’d say it’s next man up. So let’s look at our winners for week 13:

  • Lions
  • Cowboys
  • 49ers
  • Browns
  • Bengals
  • Texans
  • Colts
  • Rams
  • Panthers
  • Steelers
  • Giants
  • Chargers
  • Cardinals
  • Packers
  • Broncos
  • Dolphins

We’re entering the game stretch. Finalizing what we think of teams and where playoff seeding will take them. Are the Broncos going to be another version of last year? Awesome at moments but eventually disappointing? Are the Patriots back at it to add to the impressive hardware collection of Belichek and Brady. Could Aaron Rodgers pass Favre in the hearts of Packers fans with a second title? (I don’t think so. Fans love gunslingers.) I would’ve had Arizona losing here, as I talked about their sad state of affairs, but after losing last week in a game that could’ve propelled them towards the division crown I’m just not sure I trust them in a winnable game like this. I think as games are more important late here, we’re going to see some fun football.


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