Week 17 is finally upon us. And things are mostly set and ready to go for the playoffs, especially in the NFC. Only one game really matters as the Panthers head on the road to take on Atlanta for the division crown and fourth seed. Seven wins will look pretty gross considering the Cardinals will be a six seeds with eleven or twelve victories (I’m betting on eleven.) In the AFC, three teams currently out of the playoff seeding have a shot to get in under the right circumstances in week 17. The Chiefs, Ravens, and Texans are hoping to vault into the playoffs.

Week 16 wasn’t without its own interesting outcomes. Robert Griffin, he of the previously banished variety, lead the Redskins to a win over the Eagles. It’s kinda like when you date someone from work, and after the breakup still see them around the office. RGIII isn’t long for Washington, at least by most accounts, so wins with him at the helm seem a bit funny. Oakland won last week too. And that’s always funny. They’re not perpetually mediocre but have managed the almost impressive feat of being perpetually terrible.

For week 17, I’m looking to knock out a good week of picks. Here is who I’ve got winning in the final regular season week:

  • Patriots
  • Vikings
  • Ravens
  • Cowboys
  • Colts
  • Chiefs
  • Dolphins
  • Saints
  • Eagles
  • Texans
  • Falcons
  • Broncos
  • Packers
  • Seahawks
  • 49ers
  • Steelers

That final AFC North match up decides the divisional champ. The Steelers have been sneaky good a lot of the season. But they’ve also managed to find ways to be terrible, with losses to both the Jets and Bucs. Still, I think they pull off the win against a Bengals team that doesn’t yet seem poised to win big games.

I’m looking forward to playoffs, especially with the powerhouse NFC teams we’re getting the chance to see. Let me know below your thoughts and which games you’re looking forward to.


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