Before we get going on this week’s Scrimmage, I want to draw everyone’s attention to the open quarterback tryouts being held in Glendale, Arizona tonight. The team is looking for anyone who’s played quarterback for an organized team within the last ten years. They’re reported to be considering anyone who can throw a football more than twelve yards and pronounce the word Omaha. Where is Shane Falco when we need him?

I honestly feel bad for Cardinals fans though. The quarterback situation is sad, with their new starter’s numbers pointing towards one of the worst at the position with that many snaps ever. A team that once looked to the playoffs with great anticipation now is hopeful for a dramatic turnaround in play for their signal caller. In looking up somethings on the Cardinals this week, I came across some information I wasn’t aware of. The Cardinals were founded in 1898, and are the oldest continuously run professional sports team in the United States outside of baseball. They and the Bears are the only two charter franchises from the NFL’s start in 1920 still in existence. (The Packers were apparently independent at the time.) The team has not won a title since 1947, two decades before it was called the Superbowl and well before the team moved from Chicago. Makes it even worse not having Palmer now. That D is still pretty fantastic, but throwing up four field goals wont’ win games in today’s NFL. I guess a win is a win though, which will bring us to last week’s games and this week’s winners.

I went 11-5 last week, picking against those Cardinals in the first game. I was skeptical, with reason, of the offense’s ability to move the ball. I did not take into account how bad the Rams were at doing just that. Both teams play great defense and terrible offense. Another team that would’ve been perfect for that game is the Buffalo Bills. That team just held Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers to zero touchdowns in consecutive games. That’s darn impressive. Almost as impressive as my stubbornness to pick the Titans last week and this week. They just can’t beat anyone right now. I honestly think my Bucs could take them. Well, at least tie them. This post was not up in time before the Thursday game but I (incorrectly) picked the Titans. Here are the rest of my picks,

  • Eagles
  • Chargers
  • Falcons
  • Lions
  • Panthers
  • Packers
  • Chiefs
  • Dolphins
  • Patriots
  • Ravens
  • Giants
  • Bills
  • Cowboys
  • Seahawks
  • Broncos

With only two games left, most of the playoff picture is still yet to be framed. And since I talk about it nearly every week, I won’t go into to NFC South. It’s interesting to look at how a few teams are rounding into shape towards the end of the season. The Seahawks and 49ers are nearly exactly the opposite in how they were viewed to start and now finish the season. The Seahawks are again a team that opponents fear to play. And the Niners may be getting rid of coach and quarterback. I actually think Kaepernick stays at least one more year, but it’s odd to see a coach so successful seemingly so unwelcome with his team.

And that will wrap up another edition of the Weekly Scrimmage. Post your high school stats below, maybe Arizona will give you a call.


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