The NFL is a league that seems to be one of short term hindsight. It’s often referred to as a copycat league, with various schemes and sets that are successful being used over and over again. Remember when it felt like every team in the league had a wildcat package? Players were being drafted much higher because they could fit into those kind of play calls. With its big play potential, dudes were like a great hope. It’s easy for a fan base to fall in love with a bench player. We haven’t seem them fail enough times. An NFL season is one that can be a little tough to understand looking back a few games. But at the end of the season, we typically see things going just as they should’ve. That team was clearly headed for the playoffs. That dude was showing signs of a breakout year from week two. Here, almost halfway through the season, we have a few teams who may look like they’re heading one way and may have an entire different fate that will feel so obvious later. I’m looking at teams like the Chargers and Texans. Are the Chargers really a class above most of the rest of the NFL? Are the JJ Watts really going to compete for the division title? Should he be put in at quarterback in late game situations to hold onto the ball? I’m going with probably yes on that one. Is DeMarco Murray going to outrush every other NFL team and are the Cowboys for real? Time will tell. Here is what I’m seeing for winners this week.

  • Patriots
  • Ravens
  • Vikings
  • Bears
  • Colts
  • Browns
  • Lions
  • Packers
  • Redskins
  • Seahawks
  • Chiefs
  • Cowboys
  • Cardinals
  • Broncos
  • Texans

I guess that I’m looking at the Boys as real contenders as I picked them last week to win in Seattle. Now, I’m going to go ahead and hang my hat there. Never mind that Steelers pick. Or me picking the Vikings. Which I did again this week for some reason. I must be drinking the grape Kool-Aid. DeMarco looks incredibly impressive. And somehow that defense that played like they hated football last year is holding its own. It’s interesting to see how little we’re talking about Johnny Football with how well Hoyer is handling things in Cleveland. They look like a team poised to move upward as the years go on. Of course, it’s Cleveland so that may not hold. Maybe Lebron can uncurse the town this June. Let me know below what your thoughts are on this season so far. Hate my picks? Hate your fantasy team? Love just typing comments? Let’s hear what you have to say.


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