So that Peyton Manning guy is pretty good. If you like six five guys with laser rocket arms. That Niners D is missing some pretty key contributors but what Manning did is special against a squad that most teams don’t look forward to playing. Oh, and the whole throwing more touchdowns than anyone else ever is good too I guess. Seriously, we’re celebrating a man who’s like four days from forty and playing with a surgically fused neck. I know he clearly gets a lot of media attention but I still believe that we’ll look back at the Manning years with better appreciation. Removed from constant twitter conversations and media comparisons, we’ll see what we don’t right now.

While the final score in that Broncos game may have been a surprise, the meaningful outcome was the one I had picked correctly. It was another pretty crazy week in the NFL. Good teams will lose games. Sometimes those losses even come to struggling teams. But nearly no one thought Seattle was going to its second game in a row and to the Rams. Over 97 percent of people picking on ESPN’s pick’ems had Seattle in that game. I’m still not entirely sure that final score is accurate. Also, the Dallas Cowboys are six and one. The Dallas Cowboys are six and one. I may have typed that twice. Dang.

Here are my winners for this week:

  • Broncos
  • Falcons
  • Bills
  • Patriots
  • Bengals
  • Texans
  • Rams
  • Dolphins
  • Buccaneers
  • Seahawks
  • Cardinals
  • Browns
  • Steelers
  • Packers
  • Cowboys

I’m betting on Lovie again. And I don’t feel great about that. Also, this looks to be a pretty big week for the Bears. With the team arguing over blame and facing a recently hot Patriots team, winning or losing probably mean a lot here. I’m looking to see how exactly this shakes down. Like my picks? Are you into laser rocket arms? Just really like typing comments? Click comment below.


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