I think about pizza a lot.

Like, right up there with remembering I have to get gas in the morning or whether or not I locked my door a lot.

Like, if you ask me what I’m thinking about at any given moment, there’s probably a twenty three percent chance it involves pizza.

So reading my mind is probably easy. But Pizza Hut now is testing a program in 300 stores in the United Kingdom to prognosticate what toppings customers will be looking to devour.

Pizza Hut’s trying to read your mind.

Pizza Hut calls this “the world’s first subconscious menu.” They accomplish this feat with a tablet, showing a visual of the possible toppings that guests will stare at for just a few seconds before it identifies where eyes have lingered. Apparently that’s all it takes for them to know what people are looking to eat, as initial results have proved to be extremely positive. Now if Pizza Hut could just read my mind from home and have the pizza just show up.


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