My personal NFL fanhood came into play in last week’s Weekly Scrimmage. The first two weeks were pretty painful. I watched a team that I had hoped would compete for the divisional title lose to back up quarterbacks. And then they played the Falcons. Welp.

I mean, there was that one play where Lavonte David punched the ball loose and then recovered it after Dashon Goldson slapped the ball back inbounds. That was pretty slick. Almost the rest of it was garbage. I do hear that they decided to play the fourth quarter. Just another bad decision made by Tampa that night. I went home way before that point with the mild consolation that I was playing Julio Jones in my fantasy lineup. That’s the double edged sword of fantasy football, I guess.

I don’t want any part of relating to Cubs fans as I root for Tampa. But next year already feels like the best option for optimism. But hey, Atlanta’s in our division so we’ll get another shot at them. So, there’s that.

I made picks last week.  And I got eleven right. Nearly seventy percent is a clip I’m pretty okay with. But a number that makes me feel pretty good about not putting my money where my mouth is. Here is who I have winning in week 4:

  • Giants
  • Texans
  • Packers
  • Lions
  • Colts
  • Dolphins
  • Steelers
  • Ravens
  • Chargers
  • Falcons
  • 49ers
  • Cowboys
  • Patriots

So, you know. Plan your picks accordingly. Maybe don’t put any money on it. I mean, why are you gambling anyway? It’s a terrible idea. Almost as smart hiding what information that you know about a terrible situation in front of a general public that is already upset with your handling of the situation to begin with. Goodnight, this is a nightmare for the NFL right now. I’m not sure that I’m among the ones campaigning to have Roger Goodell step down from his position. But I’m certainly not won over by his tactics in trying to “protect the shield.” This stuff is bigger than football. It’s real life stuff. And while the NFL shouldn’t be the ones leading social change on how to handle domestic abuse, its status as an entertainment giant shouldn’t keep its players out of normal human responsibilities of decency. These discussions are ones that should be had but in a forum that doesn’t use social media as a spearhead of the headhunting army. It’s rare the problem that lies solely in the confines of black and white.


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