Welcome to the fifth week of NFL action. 
Here we'll take a look at the first quarter 
of quarterback stock action went and dive 
into why the NFL is impossible to predict.

I’m wondering if picking names out of a hat may end up with a more accurate way of deciding picks. I’m guessing that the entire Tampa roster reading the blog last week. After looking like a hot mess against Atlanta the week before, they pulled together for a relatively solid win in Pittsburgh. Not only was this a crazy reversal of momentum with the backup quarterback in, it was their first win ever in Pittsburgh. Probably the game that most people are reacting to is the Patriots destruction by Kansas City. New England hasn’t looked nearly as strong as in the past, but few could’ve seen this coming. Still, a second straight week with double digit correct picks. Here’s my winners for this week:

  • Packers
  • Giants
  • Lions
  • Bears
  • Browns
  • Cowboys
  • Colts
  • Eagles
  • Saints
  • Steelers
  • Broncos
  • 49ers
  • Chargers
  • Patriots
  • Seahawks

Yeah, I went with New England again anyway. I have a hard time counting them out, as bad as they look. And this will be the first big test as Cincy is revving up the hype engine. I think Brady and company can keep it messy enough to hand the Bengals their first loss. We also have a matchup of two teams with surprising 3 and 1 records. Dallas is at home and running the kind of offense that would look more at home a few decades ago. The way their offensive line is playing makes them a tough match up as the defense doesn’t allow big numbers.

At the start of the season, I decided to play the SVP and Russillo and I made a pretty terrible pick, one that didn’t look good, and two that were actually pretty nice returns. Here I’ll show my returning dollars from my four picks.

  1. Drew Brees 347
  2. Aaron Rodgers 164.2
  3. Joe Flacco 324.8
  4. Matt Schaub 0

Ending with a total of 836 dollars. I lost 164 bucks but with Schaub not playing, I knew I was in for a hit. Brees saw a loss too, but I’m pleased with my middle round picks. I’ll take my licks and move on to the second quarter of the game with these picks:

  1. Sixty shares of Eli Manning for 480 bucks. He’s got Atlanta, Philly, and Dallas ahead of him. And the Giants have looked decent. A big gamble mostly because that’s half of my money.
  2. Jacksonville, Cleveland, Houston, and Indy. Not exactly murderer’s row. So give me Roethlisberger for twenty shares at a total of 126.8.
  3. Tom Brady is better than this. Fifty shares at 4.65 for a total of 232.5
  4. I’m going with Jake Locker in the fourth tier and grabbing forty three shares at a shade under four bucks to spend 159.96. This gives me a total of 999.26,

Well, this will wrap up the first week of October. Remember to comment below if you think I made good picks, where you think I went wrong, or just to troll my Buccaneers.


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